Odoo’s power.
Algios’ style.
Odoo is one of the most powerful business management tools in the world. However, each implementation is different. That is the reason why in Algios we adapt them to the actual needs of your project. Do you want a more productive business?
Odoo is one of the most powerful business management tools in the world. However, each implementation is different. That is the reason why in Algios we adapt them to the actual needs of your project. Furthermore, the software as a service option is also offered. (SaaS)
Do you want a more productive business?

ODOO: The powerful, flexible and open source ERP software.

Our Odoo business management tools, previously OpenERP, cover all the needs of your company.
El ERP profesional barato y con cuota mensual
Control all your business: trade, purchases, orders, stock, invoicing and business monitoring.
CRM con Odoo
Manage your business network and retain customers’ loyalty: from an initial commercial contact to recurrent sales.
Tiendas online con ERP Odoo
The best solution to manage online all your business: stock, online store, sales, marketing… you should only worry about selling!
ERP para seguimiento de proyectos con Odoo
This is our product for those companies which want to manage all their projects and resources, including people.
ERP para Servicios Técnicos con Odoo
The perfect ERP for technical assistance services: work orders, contracts, timesheets, invoices…
Odoo Indutria 4.0
Big Data. Cloud Computing. Internet of Things. M2M. Manage the automation of your production with and ERP!
Proyectos ad hoc de Odoo
100% personalized odoo. Consulting and product development for those who need
an ad hoc ERP.

Can we help you?

Any doubt. Any small glimmer about your budget. We are here to answer any of your questions.
Contact us and Algios will answer. As always.

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The Immediate Information Delivery (IID) which forces the automation of the VAT
return enters into force from the 1 st July.

Algios Bilbao implements and personalises Odoo.
Powerful, scalable and with a monthly fee. Perfect!

Consulting and business analysis.
Our consulting team will analyse the functioning and needs of your business in order to choose the suitable solutions and technology. 
Odoo development and own products.
In Algios we develop, create, adapt, update and escalate the product. This way the software will adapt to your company and not your company to the product.
Odoo implementation.
We are Odoo expert installation engineers. We will do it nimbly, controlling all the process and the required infrastructure. We even offer our own hosting if you want it.
Support and maintenance.
Once the implementation has been finalised we will continue by your side with support and maintenance plans that are adapted to your project. Furthermore, we also offer on site training.

Odoo, the leader ERP
Odoo is one the favourite business management suites around the world. Used by more than 2 million people, it is easy to use, intuitive and able to face all kind of projects.
Odoo SaaS mode
Thanks to our experience with Odoo we have been able to standardise a series of products in software as a service mode (SaaS), this minimises the previous investment and the subsequent maintenance.
Odoo is scalable
Those who adapt themselves, triumph. That is why Odoo has become a point of reference when it comes to ERP. Its modular nature allows the escalation of the managed resources as well as the number of users easily.
Odoo is open source
As odoo is an open source ERP it allows us to personalise every installation and create integration modules to integrate your ERP with the rest of the external applications you use in your company.

Yes, We are team specialised in Odoo, but even more in our clients.

Engineers. Consultants. Analysts. Developers. Implementers.
But, above all, people.

We are passionate about Odoo and open source in general. We are looking for Odoo programmers and consultants. Maybe it’s you.

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